Turtel Onli

Exciting historical-Fiction!

Contemporary mythology at its best!

Better and more authentic than the fake mainstream Africanized universes in that “The Legend of the Azaniac” is an ode-styled contemporary mythology derived from a true African Cultural path.

The Zulu!  (Not a make-believe hidden lost tribe!) They once ruled more land with more wealth and more power than the Shogun of Japan ever imagined. Their skills in combat with The Short Spear ruled for centuries!  Now Prof. Onli reboots and unleashes its raw power in the dynamic indie platform of this CWS Bookstore for indie publishers of Comix & Graphic Novels!.





This Rhythmistic Future-Primitif book is the first of its kind. An open-ended ode that tells of  The Azaniac, then moves through an award winning poem by Marian Hayes then it emerges in the introduction of the Intra-Cosmic hero, Wolfshead. Totally Future-Primitf and otherworldly.  Absolutely Rhythmistic!



This addition to your vital Visual-Play-List is another offering from a long impactful leader in the indie evolution of Comix & Graphic Novels, ONLI STUDIOS LLC. Where diversity means variations in styles, treatments and concepts.  Where time and eras meld, collide, and flow.  Where you find items. looks, ideas and concepts that erupt beyond the corporate limits of the Big Brands.  Yup…….We Be Fresh!!!

The Azaniac is about the last Warrior of the lost, once all powerful,  Short Spear Clan’s emergence from hibernation to a modernized, conquered, digital, industrially changed world.  Where industry, technology and wars have erased his kind. His life. His homeland.  Yet….he is here.  We thank you for coming along and contributing your precious time and creativity in the telling of this tale….The Legend of the Azaniac.

Itz only ONLI!


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