Bark: Power Struggle

Braxton Cosby

The United Nations has handed control of the International Defense Network to Marshal Dae, a man who seems to harbor limitless bigotry toward any Super-Normal. The moment he takes control, the IDN is disbanded and super-villains across the world launch simultaneous attacks against high-profile targets to send panic and fear throughout the planet. Bark, Snow, and Spark are sent to IDN headquarters to investigate what is happening and put an end to the madness before millions are destroyed. But as fate would have it, the moment they set foot on the island, their hopes quickly turn to dread with the realization that the situation is indeed worse than they could have ever imagined as the IDN shut down, necessitating a virtual miracle to restore it. And before the team even considers a recourse, they’ll have to answer two more important questions – how are the villains so coordinated, and what exactly is Marshal Dae up to?




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