Black Alpha #1 (of 3)

WTF Comics

“Batman with Iron Man tech dropped off in the middle of a Star Wars universe!”

[28 Pages of Story with bonus content]
A man struggles with his past and his future while trying to survive. Retro fans of space opera adventures will love BLACK ALPHA. The details given to each spacecraft, character, power, and language will blow your mind!


Black Alpha #1 (of 3) – Digital Copy
Black Alpha #1 (of 3) – Physical Copy


Tranden Antares has discovered what may very well be the last C.E.L. Suit, the once infamous armor of The Galaxy’s greatest heroes- THE GUARDSMEN. Dark forces lurk throughout the stars and Tranden has found himself a ship, if not a clear mission. Dark memories of his past have jaded Tranden’s opinions of heroes, but he may discover he is one whether he likes it or not!

The love letter to sci-fi and super heroes from Marvel artist, Tom Rasch. Black Alpha is the incredible comic-book series covered in 4 full issues with Issue#2 in the works now! Retro comic and animation style, art that was featured in USA TODAY and on BIG BANG THEORY!!!!

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