Blood in the Land Part II – Issue #1

Crown Obsidian Productions

Return to the world of ice and blood…

H.A.L.E, the most powerful faction around, continues to push out mechanized battle suits for conquest and to fight against monsters known as the Clawrix. After a young girl named Kelsey steals some the battle suit’s mysterious fuel source, she travels with Gavin, an ex soldier of H.A.L.E, to find H.A.L.E’s main base of operations and steal more of the fuel in order to aid a rebel faction resisting H.A.L.E’s expansion.




Blood in the Land Part II – Issue #1 is an EXCLUSIVE 45 page, black and white saddle stitch (staple binding) graphic novel printed on 60lb Uncoated Text White paper at a standard US Trade 6″x9″ comic size. These limited prints will be taken off the shelves once all of Part II is completed and colored.


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