Blood in the Land

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The world is ice and blood…
Amongst warring factions, blizzards, and mysterious monsters known as the Clawrix, two things never change: the fight to survive, and the cold that comes with it. So it’s fight or freeze, at least that’s what our protagonists believe – a stoic, deadly wanderer and a stubborn girl on a world changing mission.
As one of the most powerful factions unveils a new weapon, it’s up to these two unlikely allies to traverse the land and put a stop to the faction’s sinister goals.




Blood in the Land is a 178 paged, fully colored softcover graphic novel printed on 80lb Gloss Paper Stock at a standard US Trade 6″x9″ comic size.

7 reviews for Blood in the Land

  1. Spencer Hazel

    Blood in the Land… Set in a frozen post-apocalyptic world, Schneier pairs two unlikely companions in an action packed journey that explores the depths of two strangers’ trust while fighting for their lives. “Clawrix Man”, an outlaw hiding from his past, and Kelsey, an animated youth hunting for purpose, cross paths and if they are to survive, must ally themselves against the fearsome creatures of the land and fellow man. This experience is truly everything you want out of a graphic novel. Schneier brings these characters to life, giving us the relationships we yearn for, villains we love to hate, a passion for purpose, and that oh so sweet flavor of deception. Put his narrative skills aside and we are blessed with his mastery of storytelling through art. Schneier hijacks our imagination and transports us to this beautiful world that I can’t wait to dive further into. 10/10 would read and hop aboard the Schneier train.

  2. Janet Stark

    Blood in the Land is an action adventure graphic novel. Since this is the first graphic novel I have read I read it through two times, first just concentrating on the story but the second time to really absorb the drawings! What a difference when I focused on both the plot line and the drawings! Seeing the characters from the eyes of the author enhanced them and made the story even more enjoyable. The characters are drawn in a way that draws you into the story because you can see the personalities and emotions on their faces. In the scenes you feel the drama that is unfolding not only through the words but also through the drawings of the panels themselves. Blood in the Land includes a rough nomad who, much to his dismay, has a strong protective nature and a young, often playful, but always determined, girl who believes in truth and doing the right thing and their adventure in the frozen and ice covered world they live in. Can they trust one another? Which factions are truly fighting for the good of the world? And will they be able to survive these factions and the Clawrix monsters that are roaming the earth? Read Blood and the Land to find out!

  3. Tatyana

    A really impressive comic! I loved the storyline and adore the characters. I can’t wait to continue reading this adventure with Gavin and Kelsey! The artwork is very captivating and stylistic and leaves you wanting to reread!

  4. Ryan Yost

    This debut graphic novel by Schneier was simply incredible! He did a great job of keeping me on the edge of my seat as I watch these two unlikely friends navigate the post apoplectic Arctic world as they try and escape death from various different people and the mighty clawrix!

    The fact that Schneier wrote and illustrated the entire book is insane! I mean the amount of detail covered by one person is truly admirable! If you’re looking for a great up and comer to get invested in, Ethan Schneier is definitely the guy for you! I’m so excited for what he has coming up next!

  5. AJ Johnson

    Blood in the Land is an original take on post-apocalyptic society with creative character design and development. The world-building of this comic makes you feel like you are experiencing a mashup of Snowpiercer, the Last of Us, and something else entirely. I read this comic in a day and each chapter had exciting twists. The constant challenges Gavin and Kelsey faced on their mission kept me thoroughly interested and on my literary toes. The art style of this comic flows very seamlessly with wide landscape frames almost as if you were watching a video game cutscene unfold during all of the major fights with the Clawrix. 10 out of 10 — I would highly recommend checking out the first self-published comic of Ethan Schneier, an author and illustrator with a clear and focused passion for storytelling.

  6. Margo Jackson

    I absolutely loved loved loved this graphic novel! I was incredibly excited for its release and the author/illustrator didn’t disappoint. The story is well rounded, has good continuity, and is well thought out. The illustrations are fantastic, I love the authors/illustrators art style and it flows so well with the storyline. I instantly fell in love with Kelsey (MFC) and I think her character will relate to a lot of people in terms of bravery and conviction. However, I LOVE GAVIN. I am a full on sucker for a grumpy MMC and thought his personality meshed well with our FMC. Without giving too much away, Kelsey and Gavin make an extremely entertaining duo in this frozen post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters and some fun sneaking around. (I’ve already reread it twice just for fun)

  7. Zach Bernard

    I found this guy from his YouTube videos and it got me interested in reading this comic. It was way better than I was expecting. Sharp writing, fun characters, and overall a good grasp on story and pacing. He said in his video that The Last Of Us inspired this comic, but the two are actually very different. I think he says that to hook in new people, because Blood in the Land was very much its own story which I enjoyed.

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