Dragon Force (The Power of Syber)

Landon Shanks

The epic first chapter of  Dragon Force -The Power of Syber- 148 full color pages are at your fingertips! The eager, Phorcia Mera has been anticipating this year’s Grand Tournament so she can lay claim to being the top Maresian martial artist! But, before the tournament commences, the young warrior joins up with her cousins, who are also participants in the tournament, and go on a pre-tournament adventure that leads them through the lands of Maresia. Ancient artifacts of days of old, mechanized robots battle the bold, learning of stories of days untold, all unfold in this first exciting chapter! Join Phorcia on her journey to attain the Dragon Force!


Dragon Force (The Power of Syber) – Physical Copy
Dragon Force (The Power of Syber) – Digital Download
Enjoy a full digital downloadable copy of Dragon Force (The Power of Syber) that will enable you to read the book on your favorite mobile devices and other handheld readers & tablets.


The Dragon Force, the power of Syber! It is highly sought after but very few actually can attain it. This cosmic energy is said to bring unparalleled power and wisdom to those who can harness it. Once common knowledge, the ascension to the Dragon Force, has been lost or perhaps, purposely hidden over the ages? However, there are still factions of the once mighty Maresian Dynasty that still have this knowledge. The young Maresian warrior, Phorcia Mera, has been trained to attain this power. However, does she have what it takes to succeed on her cosmic journey? She believes so!

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