Drawn For the Rhythmic Zone

Turtel Onli

“Drawn For the Rhythmic Zone” is where a picture is still worth a thousand words. This hyper-dynamic book uses music, spoken word, narrative illustrations and limited text to travel though the Rhythmic Zone.

A cell phone is needed to get through this masterwerk. Where unique characters such as The Mystical Root Lady, NOG: The Nubian of Greatness, the ultra urbane cool Malcolm-10, the ever powerful Sustah-Girl, the delightful Sasa, Imhotep, The Smartest Man Alive, and others are engaged in battle, love, horror, terror, and intergalactic conflicts.

However using limited text, the reader is inspired to supply the full narrative. Your words rule! A picture is worth a welcomed thousand words and your interpretation is always right! You remix the story! Plus its awesome with a betta than Manga Rhythmistic Black & White interior of 132 pages with a platinum cover!


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