Drawn For the Rhythmic Zone

Turtel Onli

DYNAMIC!!!  “Drawn For the Rhythmic Zone” is an inter-active activity-book blended with a cross-platform Graphic Novel where a picture is still worth a thousand words. This hyper-dynamic book uses music, spoken word, narrative illustrations and limited text to bring you into Rhythmic Zone.

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Published by ONLI STUDIOS, which was boldly launched on the principles of sustainability, inclusiveness, and transparency. Many of our products are open to your personal creativity or expression. Our employees and suppliers are treated fairly.

ONLI STUDIOS has always worked to have a positive impact on society. Our products. characters content and brands embrace inclusive practices. ONLI STUDIOS  practices sustainability. )


A smart-phone is needed to get through this unique Rhythmistic Future-Primitif masterwerk. You will enter the Rhythmic Zone where unique characters such as The Mystical Root Lady, NOG: The Nubian of Greatness, the ultra urbane cool Malcolm-10, the ever powerful Sustah-Girl, the delightfully dangerous Sasa, Imhotep, The Smartest Man Alive, and others are engaged in battle, love, horror, terror, and intergalactic conflicts.

However, using limited text, the reader is inspired to supply the full story.  In whatever order or sequence envisioned! Your words rule! You supply the vital story! A picture is worth a welcomed thousand words and your interpretation is always right! You remix the story! Plus, its awesome with a betta than Manga Rhythmistic Black & White interior of 132 pages with a special platinum Halo-Chrome cover!




CREATIVE!!!!  This book partners best with our best selling ‘zine, Future Funk from www.ONLI STUDIOS.com. Opening up you more creative sense of expression & interpretation.

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