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Ken Bailey

EGP#39 “NOT A CHANCE”. Mighty EnergyGirl comic book (c) 2022, a collaboration between writer/artist/creator Ken Bailey and guest writer Kurt Wilcken. Thirty-ninth book in Volume II.




EGP#39 “NOT A CHANCE”. Mighty EnergyGirl, a veteran professional superhero, and her mortal husband/agent Stan Pebody are recruited to ride the “Poker Special,” a private train excursion from Chicago to points west, to mix with the crowds and protect the assets on board. Unfortunately, the “pot” is also the target of the wily Colonel Chance, a riverboat gambler “lovable rogue” and his gang. (This issue is a collaboration between EnergyGirl creator Ken Bailey and Col. Chance creator Kurt Wilcken, who helped write the script).

1 review for EGP#39 “NOT A CHANCE”

  1. Joe Soliz

    The Mighty Energy Girl is a great callback to classic comics! And I love when Indie creators collaborate so having guest writer Kurt Wilcken was a great plus!

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