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Ken Bailey

EGP#40, “CAT’S MEOW”. In collaboration with Joe Ely Carrales III and David Martiny, Ken Bailey’s MIGHTY ENERGYGIRL superwoman takes on two mail clerks from another continuity who have just received superpowers, assigned to train and mentor them. In the process, all find themselves unexpectedly wrapped up in a secret crisis involving time bending and intrigue… and end up in the 1940’s on a mission to save the world.




EGP#40, “CAT’S MEOW”. When two mail clerks just out of school run into an alien and acquire superpowers, they are taken under the wing of a kind Air Force general as they learn to use them. Quickly realizing he is unable to provide adequate training, the military man contacts the FDSH, Federal Department of Super-Humanics, for help. In response, a midwestern superwoman named “The Mighty EnergyGirl” in assigned to the two girls, and the four head to the deserts of Nevada and New Mexico for training. Things, of course, quicky go off the track. (A collaboration between creator Ken Bailey and Joe Ely Carrales III of “The Improbably Girl and the Wonder Kitty,” with additional help from David Martiny.)

1 review for EGP#40 “CAT’S MEOW”

  1. Joe Soliz

    Another great collaboration between Indie creators! Ken Bailey’s The Mighty Energy Girl and Joe Ely Carrales’ Mari Solinski & The Wonder Kitty are a match made in comic heaven! This crossover is one part “Disney’s That Darn Cat” and one part “Back to the Future”! Lots of fun!

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