The Fancymen #1

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Junction City Comics

Through time and space!
Through strange dimensions unknown!

Join the Flare, the Mane, Spirit and Spite on an adventure across the Universe as they encounter evil scientists, sorcerers, demons and gods, they uncover an ancient struggle as old as Life itself-but the greatest secret of all lies within the folds of the very fabric of reality!





One year ago, Redux’s leader, Prime, faced off against the Flare and the Dodger; founders of  the first superhero team- The Union!

Greatest heroes! Greatest friends! Greatest failure…

Prime succeeded in his plan and set off a bomb that leveled the entire city of New York!

Now, the Flare is determined to find the remaining members of Redux and bring them to justice!


1 review for The Fancymen #1

  1. Jake “Fracadactyl” Palermo

    Checks all the boxes for the oddballs in a superhero universe. Outsiders much like the Doom Patrol, and take on the most of the absurdly deplorable threats. Love the panel work and action scenes with all of the equally absurd powers like Mane’s prehensile chest hairs.

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