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This Universe is perfect for your Visual Play List of indie/alternative Comix & Graphic Novels!

Published by ONLI STUDIOS which was boldly launched on the principles of sustainability, inclusiveness, quality, innovation and transparency. Many of our products are open to your personal creativity or expression. Our employees and suppliers are treated fairly.

ONLI STUDIOS has always worked to have a positive impact on society. Our products. characters content and brands embrace inclusive practices. ONLI STUDIOS  practices sustainability.


Future Funk is the rare dynamic ‘zine that brings you the ever-cool characters, concepts, content & contextual flow  of the Rhythmic-Zone. Part cosmic, urban, fantasy, and sci-fi Future Funk and the Rhythmic-Zone melds entertaining  content that leaps across eras and styles.

FF is the essence of being independent or alternative in this industry. You finally meet all of the vital core characters from the Rhythmic-Zone who flow beyond the orthodoxy of the mainstream. You will learn their Dymaxion features, factors, fun, fire, flow & funk!

Designed in that bold BLANGA style.

Cover art by the amazing Eric Battle of “Batman”, “Hulk”, and “Vampire Huntress” fame.





Future Funk is also the creative partner to the multi-platform, 130 page Rhythmistic Future-Primitif Graphic Novel, “Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone” when you buy them both!

“Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone” is the unique bold  abstract Graphic Novel with QR links to an animated reel and a spoken-word performance.  It is designed with almost no written text or content. You get to assert and explore your inner best creative writer. You take creative action! You supply the narration. You determine the story-line. You set the tone. You meld with the essence of Dymaxion Rhythmism in a Graphic Novel where a picture is a prompt yet still worth a zillion words.

Here your interpretation is not only welcomed but vital!

Entertainment like no other.

Great for all ages & stages! Pairing these two books creates a rare experience in comix that is multi-media, mythical, & multiglobal along with being interactive .

“Indie today: Alternative Forever!”


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