Higher Ground: The Musical, Volume One

Peter Galperin, Gregg Ostrin

In a future ravaged by global warming, the last colony of survivors in New York City face an impending superstorm. “HIGHER GROUND: THE MUSICAL” is an urgent story that explores the intimate relationships between members of a multi-racial and multi-generational group as they struggle to survive in the only neighborhood in the city still standing. When mysterious strangers arrive, the fragile colony must decide if they are a threat, or a way out. Recently released 36-page “Volume 1 – Last of the Mannahattas,” includes embedded QR-code links to an original song list performed by Broadway stars.


Higher Ground: The Musical, Volume One – Physical Copy
Higher Ground: The Musical, Volume One – Digital Download


“HIGHER GROUND: THE MUSICAL” is a four-part graphic novel series and stage musical created by New York-based musician and art director Peter Galperin and LA-based writer Gregg Ostrin. The first volume of this musical-turned-futurist-comic features artwork by Patrick Barrett, color by DC Alonso, and a uniquely orchestrated six-song soundtrack recorded and performed by a vocal cast of Broadway stars including Emily Bautista, Kennedy Caughell, Steven Eng, Doug Eskew, Jeremy Kushnier, Brennyn Lark and N’Kenge. Brought to life by embedded QR codes within the printed pages, this unique, immersive reading and listening experience is appropriate for ages 10+ and should be read by anyone who cares about the future of our planet. The soundtrack can be streamed and downloaded at www.highergroundthemusical.com, Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services.


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