Hourglass #1 (of 3)

WTF Comics

When two worlds collide, a bright young boy and a bitter old man find they have something in common… and a lot more at stake! As their opposing powers bring them closer together, the rest of the world is brought into their orbit and they become changed… forever. #1 of 3 issues. [25 Pages of story]




A young boy and an elderly man who have never met will be pulled together like two crashing planets when they are suddenly changed by an unknown force… destined to clash as polar opposites when they discover their strong powers with opposing forces.
   As the two are drawn together,  they are hunted by a shadowy group with diabolical intentions. Like rats in a mad experiment, Pope and Angel hurtle toward an seemingly- cruel end… but to what purpose? Do the puppeteers behind the curtain have a purpose or are Angel and Pope just dummies for their amusement? There is only one way to find out! Get your copy today!


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