Metatron: Terror At The Track

Braxton Cosby

Anticipating a long-awaited time of relaxation, Tyler (a.k.a. Metatron), along with his friends, finally plans a weekend vacation at the Speedway. Within the first several hours, Metatron senses danger, and their enjoyment quickly fades when a horrific accident slowly unravels right before their eyes. With mere seconds to spare, Metatron makes short work of the catastrophe and saves thousands of unknowing spectators. Nonetheless, when all appears to be back to normal, the immoral Black Shadow and his vile Henchmen emerge, wreaking havoc on the city. Without hesitation, Metatron is thrust into duty once more, armed with his Mystical Blade and spectacular assortment of superpowers, to save humanity — before thousands of people are brutally injured or even, or worse, massacred.




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