Mr. Disaster #4

Junction City Comics

In a city run by a mayor who seeks to control its citizens –
Where secrets and intrigue hide around every corner –
And your friends are merely people who don’t want you DEAD –
One man must overcome his dark past and step up to become the hero that puts an end to the corruption… if he doesn’t oversleep.
John Sloan is… MR. DISASTER!


Mr. Disaster #4 – Digital Download


As the night continued, the hallucinations became more vivid. Sloan, who had lost control
over his body, followed Thoth back to his apartment where he was stricken with a panic
attack that ended once he fainted. When he came to, Sloan found himself to be in an
entirely different place altogether. Scared and unsure of his surroundings, he grabbed
a hat to hide his identity and made his way back home. There was only one, little problem-

It was in broad daylight!

Along the way, Sloan was immediately recognized as the infamous Mr. Disaster and, again,
made a spectacle of himself to the public. Once home, he received a scolding from Braun
over the Murphy’s incident. Sloan then described the rest of the night while Braun gave him
a check-up until he mentioned his encounter with Leo- and how it ended. After Sloan went to
bed, Braun pulled out a picture from his desk and- wait a minute… apologized to Leo?
That can’t be right. Isn’t Leo one of the bad guys?

Why does Braun still keep a picture of his days with Ahwem?
There’s Gordon, Leo… even Pat made the cut! Where’s Sloan?!
Who are the rest of these people?

What the hell is going on here?!


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