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In “NOG” ONLI STUDIOS has launched the first living iridescent hero, “NOG: The Nubian of Greatness“. His is the Power Nubic. At speeds beyond the rate of thought. Unlimited in most terms. Then comes the vicious living weapon known to legend as Mag-Non……. the T-Monster. This fable indie ode launched the flow of indie publications and diversity we seek, love & need. Here is the delightful addition to your Visual Dessert Menu. Ode we go!! Intergalactic war on a plane like no other. New! Fresh! So you. So indie too!

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NOG IS BACK!! is that rare sequence to a  intergalactic story that is so much what your Visual Play List of comix & Graphic Novels is looking for. It is here. Not in your local store. Here… near and dear. Off planet. Through the Rhythmic Zone. Into Da Jects.

Fun and action packed excitement and styles that goes where the mainstream will not! Right where you want it.


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