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Intergalactic war, passion and other-worldliness beauty told in the form of an ode.  Written and illustrated with Future-Primitif Rhythmistic art & story by the award winning Arts Educator/ Illustrator & indie comix advocate, Prof. Turtel Onli. M.A.A.T.. Here, effect follows function as we are thrown into the cosmic frenzy.  Planet NUBA is under attack by the T-Monster. Mag-Non is its name.  Total destruction is its aim. NOG may have to make the ultimate sacrifice,,,,,,but he must not fail! He must save NUBA!


NOG NU!!! – Digital Download
NOG NU!!! – Physical Copy


VITAL!!!! The prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago featured NOG mural-sized as the public face to its 2021 landmark exciting blockbuster group exhibition, “CHICAGO COMICS 1960 Until Now!”, curated by Dan Nadel.  Now you can experience the book, Planet NUBA is under attack. Planet NUBA is the oldest planet in the galaxies. The Nuba have evolved in genetics, inter-space travel and use the  iridescence of the Rhythmic-Zone along with the hidden Dymaxion Cosmic-Spaceways for creativity, culture, commerce and other critical cosmic affairs. They live a peaceful organic sustainable life. They have selected among them, a fighter. A warrior. A defender so powerful that no hostile invasion has been successful. This is NOG: The Nubian of Greatness!

This Future-Primitive ode pulls you through its narrative visuals and free-style text into the conflict, flow and factors that construct this saga.  War of the highest order.! All that was ever The Nuba is at stake. NOG has never failed, but he has never faced Mag-Non, The Technocratic Monster. Could the T-Monster be too much for NOG?  Could Mag-Non be too much for Planet NUBA? We welcome you. We encourage you to free your mind and flow beyond the narrow predictable limits of the mainstream. Indie today: Alternative Forever!  In appreciation to you!


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