Phenomenal Instincts #2

Anthony Fraser

Continuing on the Phenomenal Journey, in this issue, we’ll get to dive into Masculine Man’s background and where he came from and how he got his powers in the first place. As well as going on a recruitment search for Shadow Shock and Poltergeist to join him and Sky Lord in the Sky Kingdom.

Origins of Masculine Man (Part 1)

1st Appearances of: Stacy Hawkfield, Kevin Grok, and Rick Schoff




An introduction to a new universe where superhero’s never existed… until now. The rise of all the bad things happening on earth: covid, BLM, wars, global recession, and much more to come that we don’t know of. And now, ghosts, cryptids, and aliens are about to overrun earth in the 2020s. As if it can’t get any worse than that!

A rise of a new superhero team is on the way but first… we gotta find them and assemble them.


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