Phenomenal Instincts #3

Anthony Fraser

Masculine Man had finally found the heroes. But, started off with a bad impression unfortunately. I don’t think Kevin didn’t appreciate his roof broken through. Masculine Man is still trying to control his powers that he has. Its a learning process for him. NOW! Its time to find out what happens next for our heroes. Also, the conclusion of Masculine man Origin Story.

Origin of Masculine Man (Part 2)

1st appearances of: Mothman, GunSnap, Vox Carmen, and Mr. Vortex

1st Cameo Appearance of: Jim the Caretaker




An introduction to a new universe where superhero’s never existed… until now. The rise of all the bad things happening on earth: covid, BLM, wars, global recession, and much more to come that we don’t know of. And now, ghosts, cryptids, and aliens are about to overrun earth in the 2020s. As if it can’t get any worse than that!

A rise of a new superhero team is on the way but first… we gotta find them and assemble them.


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