Strange World Comix #0


The first foray into comic book adventures from the mind of Jeff Strange, a visionary, podcaster, and lover of comic books for 50 years. Join us as this is the first look at the beginning of The Strange World Universe.




Founded in 2007 by Jeff ‘Strange’ Douglas and based in Brooklyn, New York, Strange World Comix is a world comic book brand that produces a fantasy based comic book adventures with a real world view where representation is paramount.

Jeff has been a fan of comic books since 5 years old starting with Doc Savage #1 (Marvel). The world around us is forever changing and often the world is not represented in comic book literature. Thanks to Jeff, Dennis Knight, (writer) Anthony Cruz, (artist) Travis Ware, (letterer) it is now.


This is the beginning of the Strange World Universe. Here, we will follow the story of Karma, an enigmatic warrior, and a young inner city child who just might become the most powerful man in the world!


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