Tales of the Union Vol. 1

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Junction City Comics

Remember when Madam Union stopped that bank robbery?
When The golden cape saved the world from that asteroid?
How about when the dodger and flare thwarted a genocidal space prawn?!

Relive the memories with these remastered versions of the original classics based on the greatest superhero team that ever existed!




Travel back in time with this 70 page, remastered version of Tales of the Union Volume 1!

Enjoy tales of the exploits of the greatest superhero team that ever existed!

Inside you will experience 8 short stories featuring legendary heroes like the Dodger, the Flare, Madam Union, Savage Swift, Atomic-X, Reever, the Equation, Marcos Everlasting, and last but certainly not least, the Golden Cape!

Experience the thrill as each unique story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster!

Don’t wait! Get yours today!

1 review for Tales of the Union Vol. 1

  1. Jake “Fracadactyl” Palermo (verified owner)

    A lot of fun and tributes to the best superhero comics have to offer. From hammy musical numbers, tributes to Sandman, and classic superhero capers, Tales of the Union can serve as readers first real glimpse into a huge world full of colorful characters.

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