All-New Union #2

Junction City Comics

It’s been 14 years since the bomb destroyed New York and super-humans disappeared…

But, no longer!

To uphold the legacy of earth’s greatest heroes,
they’ll fight the forces of evil as…





The All-New Union’s first outing didn’t go exactly as planed… But then again, when you’re the first meta-humans to be seen in over 14 years and you’re battling a giant cloud monster in the middle of a small city- how could it?

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to our young heroes, Dr. Herbert Thompson, trapped in his own unending loop, has enacted a plan to end all existence by launching the Earth backwards through time on a collision course with itself!

Will our heroes be able to stop him and his terrible Time Cannon before it’s too late? Who are the mysterious figures that appeared out of nowhere at the end of our last issue?

Are they friend or foe?


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