All-New Union #4

Junction City Comics

It’s been 14 years since the bomb destroyed New York and super-humans disappeared…

But, no longer!

To uphold the legacy of earth’s greatest heroes,
they’ll fight the forces of evil as…



All-New Union #4 – Digital Copy


Where did we leave off?

Oh yeah! Now, I remember! The Terror of Time has been averted (RIP Heinrich Remender–we hardly knew you!), the Time Cannon left in ruins and litters the world 65 million years in the past , the Earth(s?!) have moved back safely into their own timelines and everything seemed to be working out great.

Except maaaaaybe–accidentally and unbeknownst to our heroes–a few cloud spores from the present being left off in the past that I’m sure won’t have horrible consequences for the future space/time continuum…Oh, wait! Did you say you suspected with the final page of Issue #3 that something was not quite right!

The All-New Union have reappeared on Earth.

Just in time too, because Clwdth the Cloud has returned and he…well, looks a bit different this time! (I wonder if you can spot why??) And I think it’s pretty clear he’s here for some blood thirsty revenge! (and here I thought the fight in #1 was a misunderstanding…)

What dangers looms in the far-flung future of the Junction City Comic’s Universe?!?!– Follow Feather, Atomic-X, Dreamscape, Galvanic and the mysterious D in the pages of this issue to find out!


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