Visual Storytellers Comic Showcase Issue 1

Brad Scott

Visual Storytellers Comic Showcase Issue #1 highlights a few of the elite visual storytellers Kool, Lue Sang, and Scott.




The Artist known as Kool as Heck, Brian Lue Sang, and Brad Scott have created independent comics, beautiful illustrations, stunning stories, and graced the show floor at numerous comic conventions throughout the southeast United States. Each creator brings a unique style to the Visual Storytellers Comic Showcase to enchant you with 5 short stories (Mature Content):
Icarus – A school essay reveals a teenager’s hopes and goals. (Kool)
Tatter – A down on his luck former hero gets a serious wake up call. (Kool)
Movie Night – Love is in the air when a simple mugging goes wrong. (Scott)
Head Hunters – Man versus beast versus woman in the land of the minotaur. (Scott)
The Deep – Using antiquated equipment, a diver embarks on a journey that turns out to be far more than it initially seems. (Lue Sang)


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