Zero Hour Epsilon Force #1

Spidercade Studios

Haunted and bitter by the death of his mother at the hands of a human and how he was powerless to protect her as a child, Tyrannogator, seeks to become a hero and earn a spot on the roster of his planetary protection force in order to help people and fight for good. Unfortunately, he fails to make the team due to the vast amount of powerful warriors in his world and gets drafted to the military instead. While in the military, Tyrannogator, with the help of both his brother Gatorgon and a black man named William who survived the Tulsa Race Massacre back on Earth, is forced to confront his hatred towards all humans for his mother’s death when he is deployed on a mission to Atlantis to take down an evil time traveling human cyborg.

This is the first issue of Zero Hour Epsilon Force. Though the setting takes place in a fantasy mythical world that exists in a parallel universe, some events on Earth can still have an influence as well, such as Jesus’ Crucifixion, Black History or World War II for example. This particular issue is a 56-page graphic novel.


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