Chima Wants to Know: What’s Growing On?

Amber Clayborne

As a young girl, it can be difficult to understand the changes that begin to happen to your body. Understanding your body and knowing what to expect as you grow will empower you to manage puberty and the wonders of your ever-changing body like a pro!


Chima Wants to Know: What's Growing On? – Physical Copy


In this playful comic, Chima is noticing changes in her body. Chima’s mother provides helpful information, loving support as well as tips and guidance to empower Chima through this exciting time in her life. Chima and her mother explore:

·      Puberty and the different ways that it changes our bodies

·      How to maintain a good diet and exercise

·      Being prepared for new experiences like starting your period

·      Navigating sports and activities during your menstrual cycle

·      Keeping clean and fresh while on your period

Frequently asked questions are asked, answered, and explained by Dr. Jean Vogel-Wagner in an evidenced based, child-friendly, easy to understand fashion.

Dr. Jean Wagner is a pediatrician practicing in Caseyville, IL. Dr. Wagner is a doctor who specializes in the health care of children. As a pediatrician, Dr. Wagner diagnoses and treats injuries, diseases, and other disorders in children.


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