Let;s Go Green In Da City!!

Turtel Onli

“Let’s Go Green In Da CIty” is a fun Activity / Comic Book that presents ways to Go Green in the urban setting with simple reasonable practices that would have positive impact in the town, country or home.

It features ONLI STUDIOS’ ever-cute “Button-Heads” showing the fun and excitement of thinking about, learning how to, and then actually putting these habits to more sustainable applications. It even includes a Water Conservation Activity that is suitable for the Home, School, Place of Worship or Workplace.

This activity in a real money-saver and shows a measurable way to Go Green with our precious supplies of water!

This book is suitable for folks of all ages and stages, including educators, civic leaders and organizations. Its creator has artwork in the” Cool Globes” Traveling Public Art Collection that presents cool ideas that may lead to a cooler Planet. Plus he was one of the first Conservation Club Sponsors in the Chicago Public Schools system.

This is a very insightful, practical and fun-filled book.


Let;s Go Green In Da City!! – Physical Copy


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