TeamD – A Girl, a Teddy Bear and a Rubber Dinosaur

Nick Davis

TeamD is the little big adventures of Dee, a super-smart girl, a rubber shape-changing dinosaur called Rexy and her grumpy old Teddy Bear Duo, on a quest to find the Adinkra keys of the universe before the Lord of Nightmares, aka the Boogeyman.




Meet TeamD, led by Dee, our super-smart hero, who stumbles upon a diabolic plot by the Boogeyman to take over reality using the lost universe keys – known as Adinkras. With the help of her grumpy old teddy bear Duo and Rexy the rubber dinosaur, Dee unlocks the secret of portal math and goes on an amazing journey across the realms of the childhood spirits; from the Toof Fairy, to Santa Claus, to find the keys first and stop reality from being plunged into darkness.


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