Beyond Bounds #1

Michael Gerlich

Join the Mother Unbound, as she she regales us with tales of heroic adventure across time. What have her eyes seen and what can we learn from the stories of Red Tail Hawks, Omnia Finitia, Is44k; Last Bot on Earth, and Hurdle.

Red Tail Hawks, Gerlich and Segarra. Joy is a Hopi Indigenous American who is tracking some bad men across the desert who are connected to her peoples darkest and scariest mythology. She has some surprises of her own though.

Omnia Finita, Sanzone and Nisenboym
Roguish archeologist in space dig up something “Beyond” expectations. This story is part scifi, part fantasy, and all heart.

Is44k; Last Bot on Earth, Gerlich
Is44k was created as the prototype for self sustaining Robots. When Man and Is44k’s progeny left earth, no one could have for-seen the older bots would corrode and cease to function, leaving Is44k the last survivor of a once great civilization.

Hurdle, Nisenboym
Space travel becomes a tale of survival for a young pioneer. Marooned on a asteroid this is a story of bravery and ingenuity, expertly told with out narration or voice ballons.
Mother Unbound, Gerlich
Pin Up, Cody
Cover, Rizza




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