Ximphonic Versus: Symphony Of The Phantom Knight Vol.2

Xing Xin

WAR! Tragedy has unfolded in the peaceful Kingdom Of Glass, on the eve of the treaty signing. The unsuspecting Empire has fallen under attack by the sinister Countith’alyin, Crystallus and Honorum Dynasties. They have set into motion A baleful plan that has been long in the making. As Prince Addonnis and Concerto are battling for their very lives, seeking to escape the onslaught. And Lady Sappheiros has mysteriously vanished amongst the ensuing chaos. Can two divine beings overcome the flames of War? And save not only their Kingdoms, but themselves?


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The Critically Acclaimed Fantasy Thriller Returns! Grab Your Copy Before The Anime Series Hits TV Screens Worldwide!


~Official Vol.2 Prelude FREE (PDF Only*)
~Cover: Masquerade! Phantom Nox Violinists (Deluxe OnyX Chrome Cover)
~108 Pages
~High Gloss Softback Cover Book
~The Official Ximphonic Versus Vol.1 OST
20 Tracks (Digital Download)
***Books Can Be Autographed Upon Request***

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