Ximphonic Versus: Symphony Of The Phantom Knight

Xing Xin

The Critically Acclaimed Fantasy Thriller Returns! Grab Your Copy Before The Anime Series Hits TV Screens Worldwide!

As The Great wars have ended and the world has fallen into shadow and despair. A dark lord begins to recount the events known as Ximphonic Versus, set 5,000 years in the past. In this beautiful and haunted past, A treaty is set to be signed on a historic day. Ending the 800 year war, fueled by the aristocratic Countith’alyian Dynasty. Prince Addonnis and his mentor Concerto travel to witness this historic occasion. By chance Addonnis meets the mysterious and beautiful Sappheiros, a princess of the Glass Kingdom, this encounter will forever change their lives. As the fate of all hangs upon the edge of a blade and the wonderment of glass tears.


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~ Vol.I
~ Vol.2 Prelude (Only Available In Print Here)
~Special Deluxe Edition Cover
~148 Pages
~High Gloss Softback Cover Book
~The Official Ximphonic Versus Vol.1 OST
20 Tracks (Digital Download)
***Books Can Be Autographed Upon Request***

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