Depths of Savages Issue #1

Christopher Santos

Join Chris Bloodyard, Jason Freight, Markus Bronson, Roger Drakthor, Richard Tankarms and more as they journey off into the unknown… Check out the series in motion on Youtube! The Official Depths of Savages Motion Comic Series Playlist Is Here!


Depths of Savages Issue #1 – Physical Copy
Depths of Savages Issue #1 – Digital Download


An English/Portuguese zombie comic inspired by Resident Evil 4. Depths of Savages.

A ship crash-lands on an unknown island that is inhabited by Portuguese descent fishermen. The crew soon learns that the villagers on the island aren’t… normal… with plans to spread and control like the host itself…

Long ago in a cavern on a huge ancient Portuguese galleon ship where the villagers would entomb their demised kings, a parasite like creature entered the cavern and the ship and into a mummified body, bringing King Cristiano back from the dead. With the parasite controlling him, King Cristiano ventured throughout the island spreading the parasite infecting all the villagers who now fall under his control, all while he himself is also under control by this mysterious parasite…

Will the crew of outsiders try to find a way off of the island  they found themselves on or try to contain them from also finding a way off the island to expand their dominance? what depths will these savages reach? Find out…


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