Wife After Death

Nathan Sanders

What happens in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse once the human race has gone extinct?

Wife After Death follows the journey of Adam, a zombie not as far removed from his humanity as it might at first seem. While the rest of his kind thoughtlessly plod forward, he instinctively knows that he is different. Accompanied by his ever-present “wife” Lilith, Adam grapples with thoughts he cannot articulate, and emotions he cannot express. He navigates an increasingly savage landscape, desperately attempting to find the meaning to the haunting hallucinations that plague him with memories of a life-before-death.


Wife After Death – Physical Copy
Wife After Death – Digital Download


Wife After Death is a full color, 28-page comic.  This is a “silent” comic, meaning that it has no dialogue, expository captions or prose.  The story is told through the visuals in an effort to replicate the experience or the story’s protagonist Adam, who lacks the ability to verbalize or communicate.

Wife After Death contains pervasive gore and violence, and some brief nudity.  It is recommended for mature readers.


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