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This fits right into your Visual Spice Rack”. QUESTION!: What is your Zodiac sign? What Horoscope animal are you? How do they compare? How do they differ?

The East / West Zodiac Journal smartly uses the experimental comic-activity book model to offer an exciting Rhythmistic illustrated reference book, journal, & picture album that compares & contrasts the two major Western & Eastern Horoscope systems.

Traditional references, informative charts, time-tables and unique icons are swirled through a Rhythmistic portal to motivate insightful delightful and meaningful musings about the aspects shared and manifested in each system.

Published by ONLI STUDIOS which was boldly launched on the principles of sustainability, inclusiveness, and transparency. Many of our products are open to your personal creativity or expression. Our employees and suppliers are treated fairly.

ONLI STUDIOS has always worked to have a positive impact on society. Our products. characters content and brands embrace inclusive practices. ONLI STUDIOS  practices sustainability.





These two major Horoscope / Zodiac systems have roots in ancient times, yet project into the vast potential of the future.

Being a truly multiglobal nexus of math, para-psychology, science, philosophy and fun/facts this Rhythmistic fully illustrated Graphic Novel- Journal is interactive.  Excitingly designed with cool open-areas where you can add notes, details, prose, collages. poems and much more as you express your inner-self that is even more unique than this creative book.

Discover what Zodiac Signs and Animal Years share, contrast, and compare in their traits or aspects. East / West Zodiac rules!   Merci Mucho!


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