East / West Zodiac Journal

Turtel Onli

This fits right into your Visual Spice Rack”. QUESTION!: What is your Zodiac sign? What Horoscope animal are you? How do they compare? How do they differ?

The East / West Zodiac Journal smartly uses the experimental comic-activity book model to offer an exciting Rhythmistic illustrated reference book, journal, & picture album that compares & contrasts the two major Western & Eastern Horoscope systems.

Traditional references, informative charts, time-tables and unique icons are swirled through a Rhythmistic portal to motivate insightful delightful and meaningful musings about the aspects shared and manifested in each system.


East / West Zodiac Journal – Physical Copy
East / West Zodiac Journal – Digital Download


These two major Horoscope / Zodiac systems have roots in ancient times, yet project into the vast potential of the future.

Being a truly multiglobal nexus of math, para-psychology, science, philosophy and fun/facts this Rhythmistic fully illustrated Graphic Novel- Journal is interactive.  Excitingly designed with cool open-areas where you can add notes, details, prose, collages. poems and much more as you express your inner-self that is even more unique than this creative book.

Discover what Zodiac Signs and Animal Years share, contrast, and compare in their traits or aspects. East / West Zodiac rules!


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