Refund Policy

No refunds? Why Not?

Well, simply put, we don’t own the comics on the site. Their respective publishers do. We simply manage the store and package and ship their comics. By the time you get your comic, the publisher/creator has already been paid. But you can always reach out directly to the publisher/creator to get this resolved.

But, wait! What if my comic is damaged?

Now that’s a different story. But no need to worry. If your order is damaged then you should immediately snap a picture of the damaged comic book and send it over to us at We’ll immediately respond and investigate the issue. We will then pay to have the damaged comic shipped back to us and send a replacement!

And what about trouble with a digital download?

Most often, there’s a simple solution to fix a download issue. Check out Trouble with a digital download to see more details. But if that’s not the issue, we’re always here to help you if you’re having trouble. Either way, we’ll ensure you get the files you paid for.

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