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ENNEAD: THE RULE OF NINE is an epic fantasy re-envisioned for a modern and diverse audience. We know representation matters and the world of Amashik reflects it.

Travel through The Republic Kingdom of Athea alongside Inahtuu Kinisc, as he runs from his past, and his present pursuers.

Navigate a tumultuous transfer of power with Queen Ellaria Shadoon as she works to solidify her grandmother’s legacy… as well as “The Rule of Nine.”

March with King Ulius Kazar as he fights to end a decades long war and ensure his name is remembered long after he’s gone.

Witness as Ngia’wi of The Order of The Jade Crest races to prevent an ancient, and ethereal, cold war from turning hot.

Travel within the brand new world of Amashik as this story unfolds.

Who’s Ennead for?

Fans of epic fantasy, everything from The Stormlight Archives to Birthright; folks who enjoy brooding MC’s like Jon Snow, Geralt of Rivia, and Strider (Aragorn for the unadorned); fans of Historical Fiction TV like Vikings and The Last Kingdom; and anyone who’s ever read or posted a fan theory on Reddit will feel at home within Amashik.

Ennead is an ambitious fantasy world; currently over 130 pages of story, The Rule of Nine brings everything you’d get in an epic fantasy novel to a comic series. Whether it’s the deep lore or grandiose world building, its new cultures or small skirmishes, the use of magic or large scale battles, this story delivers on what fans of fantasy look for on both the macro and micro level.