Roman Mitic Presents
Roman Mitic Presents

Roman Mitic Presents

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Hey everyone!

We are a father, son, and daughter

Independent comic book company based out of Atlanta Ga.

I wanted to get them creative and interested in something else besides their phone.

We have 4 series coming out.

Dead Shadows #1-5

Dead Shadows 2

And a book of compilation of short stories.

We all write them together and all proceeds go to simply printing more copies or bringing you a new story


It’s a comedy about a fat sassy sarcastic cat 😺 on a quest to find a new home!


Great read for a toddler or an adult who loves cats!

Or even a gift 🎁!

No profanity, just funny cat antics!


If you’d like to check it out or order a copy.

Here’s The link


Digital and paper copies available!!! 📚 💻


Thank you for all your support and taking the time to read this!!!